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Our Theme
“The Ring of Fire” and “The Ring of Life”
Based on the theory called “Gaia Hypothesis”, all forms of life at Kaiyukan are exhibited while treasuring the concepts of the two Rings.
earth “The Ring of Fire”
(Circum-Pacific Volcanic Belt)

The red ring depicted in the picture represents “The Ring of Fire”, the circum-Pacific volcano belt which surrounds the Pacific Ocean.

The Ring of Life”

The green dots indicated in the picture represent “The Ring of Life”, with its high-density biodiversity. It ranges while overlapping “The Ring of Fire”.

Gaia Hypothesis

The above concepts of Kaiyukan follow a part of Gaia Hypothesis advocated by Dr.James Lovelock. This hypothesis includes "a theory of the Earth as a living organism - where the evolution of the species and their material environment are tightly coupled but still evolve by natural selctions -.(THE AGES OF GAIA, Preface xix, by James Lovelock)"
Design of the Aquarium
Kaiyukan is a vertically long aquarium having each exhibit in a spiral manner from the top. While climbing down the building from the 8th through the 3rd floor, visitors enjoy the tour of the Pacific Ocean based on the above theme.
tank in Kaiyukan
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