Feeding Times for Marine Animals

Feeding time for animals is temporarily suspended for your safety.
For more information, please send us e-mail.
Kaiyukan Information:info@kaiyukan.com

At feeding times, the aquarium also offers on-the-spot guide services(*) to visitors. Detailed explanations concerning the amazing biology of marine animals are provided by a special guide or a feeding staff member inside an exhibit tank, so visitors can enjoy discovering the wonders of marine life. It is definitely an impact impressive experience to observe marine animals up close through the transparent acrylic window of an exhibit tank! Visitors can not only enjoy seeing the feeding as a show but also learn something new about the secrets of marine life by these on-the-spot guide services.

* On-the-spot guide services are offered in Japanese only.
* Feeding schedules and guide explanations may be subject to change or cancellation according to the conditions of animals.
* Starting time is subject to slight change.

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