Leaflets describing the aquarium are available in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai.
English-speaking staff members are available for contact by phone.

KAIYUKAN Information
Tel: +81-6-6576-5501
Fax: +81-6-6576-5510


For wheelchair users
Visitors who use wheelchairs in the aquarium are requested to come to the KAIYUKAN Information Counter located on the 2F of the Entrance Building to receive some explanations about the aquarium tour. Wheelchairs are lent out to visitors free of charge at the KIAYUKAN Information Counter.
* Please note that the number of wheelchairs to be lent out is limited.

For baby stroller users
As a precautionary measure to prevent infection, we do not offer a baby carriage service, but there is a stroller parking area near the entrance. If you wish to enter the aquarium with a stroller, please inform the staff in the vicinity of the elevator.
*Please note that Kaiyukan is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of strollers at the stroller parking area.
To ensure that all visitors can fully enjoy the aquarium, the KAIYUKAN does not recommend the use of baby strollers within the venue. Some exhibits cannot be observed from the eye level of babies or young children in strollers. Because of the low lighting, it is also possible that a baby stroller may collide with other visitors, causing injury when the venue is crowded. It is highly recommended that parents carry their babies in their arms when entering the aquarium; the Service Counter will keep their baby strollers free of charge.
Please also note that baby strollers are not lent out to visitors at the aquarium.

Guide dogs
The aquarium accepts the entry of the following guide dogs:
1) Assistance dogs
2) Hearing dogs
3) Service dogs
Guide dogs and their owners with disabilities can enter the aquarium in the same way as general visitors.

Coin Lockers
Coin lockers are installed in the aquarium, the Entrance Building and Tempozan Marketplace. Five types of coin lockers are available, as follows:
35.5 cm (W) × 57.5 cm (D) × 25.7 cm (H): 200 yen
35.5 cm (W) × 57.5 cm (D) × 31.6 cm (H): 300 yen
35.5 cm (W) × 57.5 cm (D) × 55.0 cm (H): 400 yen
35.5 cm (W) × 57.5 cm (D) × 84.3 cm (H): 600 yen
35.5 cm (W) × 57.5 cm (D) × 113.5 cm (H): 700 yen
* Coin lockers can be used during operation hours of the aquarium only.

Nursing room
Nursing rooms for babies and mothers are located on the 6F of the aquarium and the 2F of the Entrance Building. Baby beds for changing diapers are installed in all restrooms.

First Aids
First Aid facilities are located on the 6F of the aquarium and the 2F of the Entrance Building. Nurses are on standby at the First Aid facility on the 2F of the Entrance Building.

Re-entry to KAIYUKAN
Visitors are allowed to re-enter the aquarium without additional charge only on the date of initial visit. When temporarily exiting from the aquarium, please remember to receive a stamp on the back of your hand at the Service Counter near the exit. You can re-enter the aquarium by simply showing your hand-stamp at the Service Counter. This allows visitors to enjoy the aquarium all day long, taking a pleasant lunch break within the Tempozan Harbor Village.

Prayer room
1.Details of the Prayer room

Location: Tempozan Marketplace 3rd floor

Facilities: Separate prayer rooms for men and women
Prayer room has ablution space before praying and Air conditioner (for men/women)

Opening time: 11:00 ~ 20:00

Note: Eating and drinking, Smoking, napping are not allowed here.
Prayer room can be freely used by all religions’.
One use time is less than 20 minutes

Inquiry: Kaiyukan Information 06-6576-5501.

2.How to use

(1) At first, please come to Kaiyukan Information.
We will give you the guide map and unlocking number of prayer room.

(2) When you arrive at the prayer room, please input a number into numeric keypad in the door.

(3) Once prayer is over, please leave the room immediately. No necessary to contact us after using room.

(4) Please use the prayer room less than 20 minutes for one use.

*”Istanbul Table”, next to a prayer room, offer Halal food (around Kebab) and beer of alcohol-free.

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