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Admission Fee (General)

We operate a variable pricing system, so admission fees may change.

How to decide whether to buy an adult, child or young child ticket:
Your age on the day of your visit determines which ticket to buy.

!! Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN Co., Ltd. is not responsible or liable for any loss, costs or damages caused by your purchase of this web ticket at auction, from travel agencies, resellers or any other route that is not authorized by Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN Co., Ltd.


* MasterCard/JCB/VISA/American Express/Diners/銀聯 UnionPay cards can be used in the payment of admission fees.

* Traveler’s checks and currencies other than Japanese yen cannot be used.
* No foreign exchange office or automatic telling machines (ATM) are installed at the aquarium.

Back Stage Viewing Ticket

*Only applicable to customers over 7 years old (not applicable to under 6 years old).
*Children 7-12 years old must be accompanied by a guardian (16 and over).
*It may be canceled depending on the living things and backyard conditions.

Back Stage Viewing (Feeding Time) Ticket
You can enter the backyard of the “Pacific Ocean” tank and watch the whale sharks are fed from the top of the tank.

【Time】AM 10:15-10:45 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only ) / PM 2:45-3:15
【Price】 7 and over : 2,500 yen
*Admission fee is required separately
【Sales location】 Kaiyukan ticket counter (on the day) only

Back Stage Viewing Ticket
You can enter the backyard of the “Pacific Ocean” tank, which does not normally open to the public.

【Time】AM 11:00~、11:30~、PM 12:00~、12:30~、1:00~、1:30~、2:00~、3:30~
*20 minutes each
【Price】 7 and over : 1,500 yen
*Admission fee is required separately
【Sales location】 Kaiyukan ticket counter (on the day) only

Admission Fee (Group)

Admission fee for a student group
(a group of 15 visitors or more for foreigners and a group of 20 visitors or more for Japanese)
High school student: 2,160 yen
Junior high school student: 1,120 yen
Elementary school student: 800 yen
Preschool child: 500 yen
* Free admission for teachers, doctors and nurses accompanying a student group.

~ How to make a reservation ~
(1) Please apply at least 1 year to 1 month before your scheduled visit date.
Please download the group booking form, fill it out, and send it by fax.
Reservations can be made at 15-minute intervals from opening to 1 hour before closing.
(e.g. 10:00 / 10:15 / 10:30 / 10:45 )

(2) The Kaiyukan Group Center will send a confirmation of the reservation by fax.
* We may ask you to change the admission time as we will respond in order of application.
*We may contact you by phone or email to confirm the content.

(3) Please come to the group reception counter on the day of your visit.
After paying the admission fee (cash or credit card), an admission ticket will be issued.
*In order to receive the application of the school group fee, it is necessary to submit a school activity certificate.
You are visiting, be sure to bring the completed school activity certificate.

~ Conditions for group admission ~
・When visiting the aquarium in a group, please make a reservation in advance.
・In the aquarium, please look around as a group, and place a leader at the beginning and end of the group.
・In order to reduce congestion in the aquarium, please be punctual as the admission time is designated (every 15 minutes).
・Please arrive in plenty of time and check in for payment by the time you enter the aquarium.

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